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Save time researching suburbs and schools, understand what really makes a difference to your child's educational outcomes and become equipped to choose a school that is truly the best fit for your child. 

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Every parent wants their child to receive the best education possible. We all know that good educational outcomes set children up for life. Children who do well at school generally go on to have greater occupational choices in adulthood, earn more money and even have better health outcomes.


Living in Perth provides the opportunity to exercise some degree of school choice. But this can create anxiety for many parents, who feel overwhelmed and confused by the abundance of information that exists around education and possible schools for their child. Should you choose the private or public sector? Should you move to a different suburb and if so, which suburbs have the best schools? Are schools in country WA good enough, or should you invest in a boarding school in Perth?


Yellow Wood Education Consultancy can provide answers to these questions and more. We are WA's premier schools and education consultancy. Using a range of education information and schools data, we provide guidance to parents on the extent to which individual schools can support their child's needs and aspirations, so parents can exercise informed school choice.


We provide evidence-based information about a range of factors which have been found by education researchers over decades of scientific study to impact on a child's educational outcomes. We help parents sort fact from fiction.


We also provide tips on how parents can maximise their child’s chances of educational success through simple, everyday interactions at home.


School choice is a deeply personal and individual decision. We tailor every consultation to the specific needs and aspirations of your child. Our methodology is based on using current academic research to guide analysis and interpretation of the factors that lead to improved educational outcomes, without the jargon.


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