School Choice - Report


Choosing a school for your child is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make on their behalf.


School is where your child learns not only the content and skills they’ll need to enter the workforce, but also where they make friends and connections, learn effective social and emotional coping skills, play – sport, music, games – experiment, debate, and so much more. School is where children and young people spend the majority of their time during their most formative years.


We want them to thrive. We want them to be happy. We want them to love going to school.


In WA, many parents feel undecided, confused or anxious about which school to choose for their child. Some parents believe that if there are two schools in their area, one public and the other private, the private school must be better. Many families stretch themselves financially to send their child to a non-government school because they believe this will make a considerable difference to their child’s educational, social and emotional outcomes.


In truth, the answer is considerably more complicated than that.


We're here to help you make an informed decision. For parents who are uncertain about which school features actually significantly influence a child’s schooling outcomes, or are time poor, or need clarity and reassurance that is based on evidence rather than conjecture, our comparative report will help you make this important life decision for your child.


Our report provides parents with detailed analysis showing how two or more potential schools perform and what they offer. 


What will you gain?

  • in-depth information on all relevant aspects of schools you're considering for your child, helping you make an holistic comparison between them;
  • greater clarity around the many variables which impact on a child’s educational outcomes at school and how to nurture them;
  • an understanding of how you can support your child’s educational journey through school in the home environment; and
  • peace of mind that comes from knowing a profound life decision has been made on the basis of evidence rather than hearsay.

The cost of the report varies depending on how many schools you wish to investigate. It includes a preliminary consultation in the comfort of your own home to discuss the needs and aspirations of your child. 


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