School Choice - Consultation


Which school is the best fit for my child?


Is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a private school for my child a good investment?


If you feel anxious or confused about which school to send your child to, you’re most definitely not alone.


In Western Australia, parents have a relatively high degree of control over school choice for their children. Some people feel this is a blessing; others consider it a curse.


It’s not surprising that many parents in Western Australia feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available about schools and education. These days, promotional platforms are available in abundance and schools can promote themselves in various ways - from websites and social media accounts, to glossy newspaper advertisements. Oftentimes, the more money a school has, the more effectively they can advertise. But is the school which promotes itself the best, or has state of the art facilities necessarily the best school for your child?


Sifting through promotional material to accurately identify what makes a difference to your child's educational outcomes and what probably doesn't can be difficult and confusing. School choice can sometimes feel like a burden.


But it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make for your child.


Before your child embarks on their educational journey through school, whether at primary or high school, let us help you make a decision that is based on evidence, not on hearsay or promotion.


The investment you make now could set your child up for life. 


To seek guidance about school choice for your child, or to discuss your education concerns or questions with a qualified and experienced education consultant, book a consultation.


We come to you. Consultations are in the comfort of your own home and typically take an hour.


What will I get out of it?

  • evidence based answers to questions about your child's education and schooling;
  • an understanding of how to conduct research into potential schools for your child to make an informed decision;
  • a clearer idea of which aspects of education have the greatest potential impact on your child’s educational outcomes; and
  • an appreciation of what you can do to most effectively support your child’s journey through school.

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